Frequently asked questions

Yes, all the parts we supply are original.

We have several suppliers. To choose the most suitable option for you, pay attention to the price offered by the supplier and the delivery time to our warehouse.

If you don’t have the OEM code, you can find it in the online catalogs, by calling the representative office of the relevant brand or by contacting us: phone number: +37063951234, email: [email protected].

VIN (Vehicle Number) is required to select the OEM code.

Unfortunately, we cannot check the remaining parts in supplier’s warehouse.

Paragraph 17 of the Retail Rules provides that a consumer's request to replace a purchased good quality product with similar goods or to return paid money for the reasons specified in Article 6.362 of the Civil Code can be satisfied only if the seller agrees to purchase the following goods: „17.15. land vehicles (including parts and accessories thereof) (Combined Nomenclature codes 8701 to 8716). ' Because vehicle parts are included in the above-mentioned list of goods, quality parts can only be returned or replaced with the seller's consent. „17.15. antžeminio transporto priemones (taip pat jų dalis ir reikmenis) (kodai pagal Kombinuotąją nomenklatūrą – 8701–8716).“

Yes, the prices of all goods in our e-shop are shown with VAT.

Can you deliver the goods to the address provided by me?

  • Awaiting confirmation - Order placed but not yet processed. This is the initial state of the order, which has two results: either the order is rejected (without payment, incorrect data is entered during your registration), or it is confirmed (payment is made, order information is reconciled).
  • Ordered - The order has been submitted to the suppliers.
  • Arriving - Suppliers work on your order. The parts are sorted, loaded into a vehicle and we are transporting your goods to our warehouse in Kaunas
  • Arrived - The order has arrived. You can collect it from our office in Kaunas. If shipping has been scheduled, the parts will be shipped the next business day after arrival at our office.
  • Delivered - The order has been picked up from our store or handed over to the courier service.
  • Canceled - Order declined (part no longer available, code change required, etc.).

You can cancel the order only if your cart status is “Awaiting confirmation”.

If the status of your order is “Ordered”, the order cannot be canceled, because the order has already been sent to the suppliers. For the cancelation contact us: phone number: +37063951234, email: [email protected]